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We offer accurate measurements to all those who dream of a cover perfectly adapted to their needs – we will come and do all of this for you!


Individual design

Bucovers offer spans an unlimited volume of pool enclosures and satisfies the full spectrum of customer needs.



Bucovers has factories equipped with modern machinery, own logistics and warehouses. The total warehouse space is 8,600 m2.



Our thoughtful organisation and specialised equipment allow us to send ca. 1200 pool enclosures per year to many countries.



Top-trained personnel and modern installation service equipment ensures high standard of installation services.

About us

Bucovers is a Polish manufacturer of pool enclosures and movable terrace structures.
We are a family company. We have been present on the market since 1992. The strengths behind our company are professionalism, high specialisation, knowledge of the industry and know-how in the area of pool enclosure construction. This is proven by thousands of successful installations across all Europe. The Bucovers brand is a symbol of innovation. We offer our customers comprehensive service, from consultation, to measuring, production, all the way to installation of the enclosure.


The company has factories equipped with modern machinery, own transport, logistics and warehouses. The total warehouse space is 8,600 m2. Manufacturing halls equipped with top-tier machinery and equipment form the basis of our business. The production equipment is very fast and very efficient, thanks to which we are able to work precisely and execute projects very quickly. For the processing of aluminium profiles, we use state-of-the-art machinery available on the market. The automated manufacturing line enables us to use and introduce individual and flexible designs.

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Zuzanna Bukowska

+48 693 400 087

Amelia Bukowska

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Krzysztof Ziółkowski

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Piotr Graczyk

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Krystian Młynarczyk

+48 523 188 090

Bartosz Błaszak

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+48 601 215 831


Sławomir Czubachowski

+48 601 215 831

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