Sauna & Enclosure
Garden SPA is one of the ideal ways to relax and regenerate. Enriching the garden with a sauna allows you to enjoy a moment of silence and get rid of tension or stress.
The latest offer
If you dream of a place where you can drink coffee in the morning, eat lunch in the afternoon and spend a good time talking in the evening, the Copula cover will provide you with such an opportunity.
Sauna, spa tub and enclosure
Our overall concept of the Outdoor Concept allows you to create a unique look as well as an amazing solution - a combination of a sauna, spa tub and Bucovers canopy.
Endless possibilities
Each model from our offer can be adapted by customers to their needs. Bucovers enclosure delight with new possibilities. Complete the style of your home or garden.
Pool cover without guide rails
Following the latest market trends, we are introducing a new model of a pool cover that can slide without guides using a modern system - Cosmos.
Pool covers configuration
Make your garden your favorite place to spend your time this summer! Find out how to arrange it and choose the cover model that appeals to you the most!

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