SPA Zone

experience peace , comfort


1. Sauna

Huum electric heater, with a capacity of 15 kW and a 25 A fuse. Walls are lined with 13.5 cm wool, with an additional aluminium screen inside to reflect the warmth towards the inside, thus protecting the sauna cabin from heat loss. The back rests and seats are made of African Abachi wood, one of the most unique species of trees, characterised by weak thermal conductivity, thanks to which the seat and back rest do not heat up. The wood planks in the SPA part, Bangkirai, is of Asian origin, and highly resistant to weather conditions. The sauna is protected on the inside with boiled linseed oil. SPA zone shower, interior LED lighting.
External width

287 cm

External length

255 cm


2. Enclosure

he terrace roofing system is not only a functional element that protects us against rain, sun and wind. Modern covered terraces are also a very interesting addition to the architecture of the house, giving it elegance and lightness.
External width

287 cm

External lenght

345 cm

4mm solid polycarbonate


Everything in one place.

Our overall concept of the Outdoor Concept allows you to create a unique look as well as an amazing solution – a combination of a sauna, Bucovers enclosure and optional SPA bathtub.


Take yourself to a new level of relaxation in your own garden!

The Garden SPA is one of the perfect ways to relax and regenerate. Enriching the garden with a sauna allows you to enjoy a moment of silence and get rid of the tension or stress accumulated throughout the day.
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