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We have 32 types of profiles made of certified aluminum alloy, the pattern of which is reserved throughout the European Union. They have been divided into 3 groups depending on the strength and size of the pool enclosure made of them. The latest profile system from the XXL group has been successfully introduced to the market. Thanks to it, we can produce covers of very large dimensions.

Bucovers aluminum profiles are powder coated. The hardening process of the coating takes place at a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. Under its influence, the powder polymerizes on the profile and becomes a varnish. Profiles secured in this way are practically indestructible, resistant to moisture and the action of reagents added to the water in swimming pools, such as chlorine or active oxygen.





Profile colours

We offer three profile colours: DB 703 (Anthracite), RAL 9007 (Grey aluminium) and RAL 9004 (Signal black) However, we are aware of just how important aesthetic considerations and adaptation to existing structures are, hence beside the standard profile colours you will also be able to choose the pool enclosure in any RAL colour.

DB 703

RAL 9007

RAL 9004



The fill material, channel polycarbonate, with a thickness of 8 mm, provides insulation and protects against heat loss; solid polycarbonate, another enclosure material, with a thickness of 4 mm, is manufactured by the world leader in this area – the Swedish company Arlaplast – and it provides unique protection against the damaging activity of UV light.

Clear 4mm

Chamber 8mm


TUV certified product

Bucovers enclosures have passed strength and quality tests. Voluntary BQC Elements certification constitutes added value and a confirmation of the declared product properties. Bucovers enclosures conform to all European usage as well as snow and wind load standards. They are durable and safe, and with their modern looks adapted to individual user needs, this makes them some of the best products on the demanding European market.



All Bucovers equipment is made to order, and fits only our enclosures. The fittings are made of stainless steel, and they guarantee safety against the elements and against increased humidity. The double wheels, on which roof sections freely roll, are specially designed for Bucovers, and the seals between the sections are the result of application of modern rubber product technologies. Our top priorities are the functionality, quality and aesthetics of our products, meaning – no visible installation components.


Every enclosure module can be locked by the brake bolt and the enclosure can also be protected against variable weather conditions using wind covers.


Under lock and key

We offer locks for our enclosures. With the turn of a key, the enclosure can be locked, protecting children and animals.



Enclosure modules slide over the guide rails on bogies, which were designed with particular attention and precision by our designers. This is an innovative feature of our enclosures that contributes to the ease of sliding of the components.



Guide rails

The guide rails we use, are adapted exclusively to Bucovers enclosures. The rails will certainly provide comfort of use and are safe for children. Our offer encompasses three types of guide rails that we offer depending on the dimensions and weight of the enclosure. The XXL system is used for designs with a width exceeding seven metres.


Rails L

Rails XL

Rails XXL


Modern insulation technology

We offer the most modern double module insulation system by Bucovers. It entails the usage of two rubber aprons, thanks to which our enclosure gets suitable insulation.


Electric drive

A further option is the possibility of installation of an electric drive – a patented system that simplifies closing and opening of the enclosure. This brings about actual advantages translating to functionality, but most of all, usage comfort. The automatic system is linked to a mobile app, thanks to which you may close or open the enclosure from any spot in the world.



The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty covering the structure and installation of Bucovers enclosures. Top quality service with a long-term warranty! We are always available, whenever you call. The polycarbonate holds a ten-year manufacturer warranty.

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