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Are you wondering what kind of cover will be suitable for your swimming pool?
Would you like to obtain the necessary information about the ground on which the cover will be installed?
What should you pay attention to when investing?
How to take accurate measurements?



A visit by the consultant

We offer measuring, transport and installation services to all those who dream of a pool enclosure perfectly adapted to their needs – we will come and do all of this for you!

We will make the necessary measurements, we will check whether the ground is appropriately prepared for installation of the enclosure, and we will assess whether any modifications of the structure will be needed, such as: increase of the enclosure height due to the specific height of the pool frame or any ladder or trampoline protruding above the pool, etc.

The selection and configuration of pool covers according to your priorities is not all that Bucovers can guarantee you. We offer a visit of an advisor, preparation of an individual project, safe transport and professional assembly service of the pool cover to support you in the decision that will pay off for the next years.

Call us and make an appointment with an consultant who will help you choose a pool cover perfectly suited to your needs and the facility’s capabilities.



Individual design

Make your garden your favorite place to spend your time this summer! Find out how to arrange it and choose the roofing model that appeals to you the most!

Every model can be adapted to your pool size. However, if you do not find anything that suites your tastes, our designers can always suggest a structure that fits your needs better. The pool enclosures that our company offers are picked individually. They are perfectly suited to everyone’s needs and requirements, including the most demanding customers. We ensure you – every detail is considered so that every pool enclosure is designed just as it was dreamed up.

In reality, our offer spans an unlimited volume of enclosures and satisfies the full spectrum of customer needs. Here, you can even design your own pool enclosure model, because we understand your requirements and will fit the project to your needs perfectly. We will develop the optimum solution for you with engagement and passion.

Profile colours

We offer three profile colours: DB 703 (Anthracite), RAL 9007 (Grey aluminium) and RAL 9004 (Signal black) However, we are aware of just how important aesthetic considerations and adaptation to existing structures are, hence beside the standard profile colours you will also be able to choose the pool enclosure in any RAL colour.


The fill material, channel polycarbonate, with a thickness of 8 mm, provides insulation and protects against heat loss; solid polycarbonate, another enclosure material, with a thickness of 4 mm, is manufactured by the world leader in this area – the Swedish company Arlaplast – and it provides unique protection against the damaging activity of UV light.

In pool enclosure projects, we can adapt literally everything, including:

width, length, height
the size of the modules
profile colour
the length of the guide rails
position of the door
special elements







We provide comprehensive services, starting with measuring, through production and transport, all the way to enclosure installation. Our perfect organisation and specialised equipment allow us to send ca. 1200 complete enclosure structures per year to many countries, such as Sweden, France, Croatia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, etc. In order to ensure safe transport of the enclosures, we offer professional carriage of Bucovers products. The enclosure is protected against damage using special film and fixed on pallets, so that it reaches the customer safely. We operate our own truck and trailer fleet, thanks to which we can deliver our products quickly and efficiently.

The Bucovers brand has already gained the respect of many customers and recipients.




The pool enclosure manufacturer Bucovers ensures fully professional installation of the enclosures as part of own services. We are able to install enclosures on any base surface in the most difficult locations, and nothing is impossible to us. We will stand up to any challenge. Top-trained personnel and modern installation service equipment ensures high standard of installation services.
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