Luxury and comfort in one. An attractive form of an enclosure. The possibility of adjusting the height to the customer’s needs, up to 2.5m. An extremely luxurious design. Comfortable moving under the entire enclosure. We use the highest quality materials, which gives the uniqueness of the finished product.

Enclosures resistant to weather conditions

Door and modules animation

Module sliding animation

The animation shows how the doors are placed in the enclosure and how they can be opened.

Sliding door

They move on trolleys on a special rail. The possibility to place on any side.

Rails extension

To fully enjoy the pool you can extend the rails and slide the enclosure modules over the edge of the pool.

Finishing elements

Finishing elements made of stainless steel. Aesthetic and practical.


Thanks to them the disassembly of the front wall and moving the enclosure modules is really easy.

Covers made of the highest quality rubber – aesthetic and durable finish.

Chamber polycarbonate 8mm or solid polycarbonate 4mm. Note the competition uses thinner polycarbonate 3mm.

The seals – made of rubber resistant to UV radiation and pool chemicals. The competition often uses silicone.

The trolley with wheel on bearings – a separate element mounted inside the profile. It is not riveted from the outside.

Three small grooves – the characteristic of Bucovers


Two basic colors to choose
DB 703 anthracite and RAL 9007 gray

Possibility to create profiles in any color from the RAL palette or any
hydrographic formula (a few examples below)

Profiles are made in the largest steelworks in Poland

The highest quality texture of the profile

Choose and configure the enclosure




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